Christmas Promise - Baby Jesus Nativity Wall Art

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Through the seemingly endless waves of time -
Nations, kingdoms, cultures, environments, movements -
Through all of the machinations of Mankind - 

a promise made in the beginning (Genesis 3:15) would be kept for the redemption of humanity.

That we need redeeming does not seem to be questioned.  Even in contemporary American politics,
all sides agree that humans treat one another and the planet poorly.  We mock and scorn, we dump 
issue after issue and trash upon trash into and onto all that is made.  We still hide from the usually tender voice of God while yelling at others to confirm our designs.  We roll our eyes at grace when it asks us to consider its ways as we restlessly pursue our own agendas.  The way of peace is overgrown while the way of self-interest is paved and smooth.  

Let's be clear: we have enemies within and without.  We fight ourselves and we fight each other.  Since Genesis we have been embattled.

But for reasons known only to the Father, Jesus entered time as a child in one of the world's crossroads.  This act - this unwed virgin mother's birth - was, unbeknownst to mankind, 
the keeping of a promise to rescue and redeem us.

If His promise was a flag, it would have looked shredded to our eyes.  How many generations of rising and falling, of finding and losing, of living and dying have passed since God spoke in Genesis 3:15?  So. Many. Years.  So many cries.  So many lives.
This promise, this flag, surely looked beaten, soiled, trodden over, and forgotten,
and Mankind heard only occasional faint echos of His voice singing over us.  

Then, out of nowhere, a young girl was told she would bear the Son of God and,
a little while later, six miles south of Jerusalem in a place where animals were kept,
she would give birth to Jesus, Yeshua.  

How blessed the one who bore Him Who Cannot Be Contained.
How blessed the air His lungs breathed first.
How blessed the ears that heard His first cries, and 
How that infant's cry signaled the end of sin's tyranny over man.

A savior had come, in flesh disguised.
His tiny hands that wrapped around Mary's fingers would one day heal the blind 
and be nailed to an execution stake.

His tiny feet would one day be washed with tears,
pierced with spikes, and would one day
crush the serpent's head.

This is the word and work of the Lord.

.: 100% Cotton fabric
.: Closed Back
.: Build with a patented solid support face
.: High image quality and detail
.: For indoor use